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  Storypilot’s Big List of Adventures in Time Travel

Papa John’s Back to the Future Commercial
aka Peyton Manning to 1984
First aired: 2 Jan 2014

 Professional driver. Closed course. Do not attempt! 

“The Future Faire”
by Dustin Adams
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 21 Jan 2014

When people from the future put on a faire outside of Portland, Tyler and his parents are among the first in line to visit. As a reader, I’m hoping that deaf Tyler will come away cured, despite the prominent sign announcing: NO TECHNOLOGY IS TO LEAVE THE FAIREGROUNDS! [Aug 2014]

 I’m curious why people from the future would need cash, but my father says, “Business is business, no matter when you’re from.” 

A Murder in Time
by Jonas Saul
First publication: 23 Jan 2014
Things start going wrong as soon as Marcus Johnson staged the fake robbery at the store that he managed—not the least of which was himself appearing outside the store and looking in at himself getting ready to undertake the robbery, presumably because of those time-travel experiments his mother participated in when she was pregnant. [Mar 2014]

 Last night when he locked up and stared out the window, he had seen someone familiar starting back at him from the parking lot’s light standard. That someone appeard to be crying and was dressed exactly as he was right now. 

Comcast/Xfinity Commercial
First aired: Superbowl XLVIII, 2 Feb 2014

 We must have encountered a temporal vortex. Further analytics are necessary. 

The Lego Movie
by Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, et. al.
First release: 7 Feb 2014

Do legos time travel? Maybe not, but they do go to an old west universe where Emmet asks, “Do you think you can explain to me why I'm dressed like this? And what those big words in the sky were all about? And, like, where we are... in time?” Those questions, together with the quote shown below, get the movie into my time-travel list. [Mar 2014]

 Come with me if you want to not die. 

“Drink in a Small Town”
by Peter Wood
First publication: Asimov’s Science Fiction, Mar 2014
A down-on-his-luck physicist who’s invented a faster-than-light drive stops to watch the first manned Mars landing in a small-town Georgia diner. This is one of the few stories I’ve seen that ties together ftl with time travel. [Feb 2014]

 And you’ll discover something else when you’re tinkering with that drive. 

I don’t like to use the same cover illustration twice, so here’s an interior illustration for a poem in the March 2014 Asimov’s.
“Through Portal”
by Dominica Phetteplace
First publication: Asimov’s Science Fiction, Mar 2014
During a picnic on a planet under study, eight-year-old Emmy wanders away and through a portal that is only partly a time machine. [Feb 2014]

 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 ... 

Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey
presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson
First episode: 9 Mar 2014

Although the 2014 version didn’t capture me as did the original, the new time-traveling Ship of the Imagination is wondrous, as are the other new special effects (but, for me, the animation was weak). [Mar 2014]

 Let’s go back 30,000 years to a time before dogs... 

developed by Aaron Zelman, Brad Pitt and Jason Mott
First aired: 10 Mar 2014

After eight-year-old Jake Langston drowns in a river, 32 years pass before he reappears, unchanged, in a rice paddy in China. They can call it resurection, but it quacks like time travel to me, even if Jake’s original body is still in that mausoleum. [Mar 2014]

 What’s red and green and goes a million miles an hour? 

“It’s Not ‘The Lady or the Tiger’,
It’s ‘Which Tiger?’”

by Ian Randall Strock
First publication: Analog Science Fiction, Apr 2014
When searching for a long-lost ancestor (possibly depressed) whose actions literally gave you a good life, a time traveler would be well advised to frequent said ancestor’s watering holes. [Feb 2014]

 I came back to offer you comfort, love, happiness, a life of ease. 

by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman
First time travel: 20 Apr 2014

Strangely enough, on Saturday, April 19, my friend Jim Martin sent me a copy of the Sunday, April 20, Zits comic strip, which was the first one that I’ve noticed with time travel. [Apr 2014]

 Ignoring the space/time continuum helped. 

Brewster Rockit, Space Guy
by Tim Rickard
First time travel (that I saw): 21 Apr 2014

I’m not a regular reader of the funnies any more, so I can’t tell you when Dr. Mel in the Brewster Rockit strip first made use of his time machine, but my friend Jim (see Zits, above) also showed me the doctor’s use of his time machine to avoid having a late taxes penalty. [Apr 2014]

 Dr. Mel, you forgot to file your taxes last week! You missed the tax deadline! 

“Presidential Cryptotrivia”
by Oliver Buckram
First publication: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May/June 2014

A list of amazing but true facts about U.S. presidents, some of who traveled through time. [Jun 2014]

 ...he traveled back in time to 1898 in order to engineer the unlikely annexation of the Kingdom of Hawaii into the United States. 

“The Santa Anna Gold”
by Michael Bunker
First publication: Third Scribe, 20 May 2014

In addition to the audio/text version on Third Scribe (nicely formatted with images of the area and Finney and Einstein), this story also appeared as the first story in the Synchronic anthology (22 May 2014). The story follows an off-the-grid man who helps his son, Rick, track down the legendary Santa Anna gold stash by traveling to the past in a Jack-Finney-manner. [Aug 2014]

 “History’s about finding out what happened and what’s true,” and that was that as far as he was concerned. 

by Susan Kaye Quinn
First publication: Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel 22 May 2014
Dr. Ian Webb works in criminal corrections, traveling back in time to stop murders that were committed by remorseful murderers such as Owen—but now Owen has gone back to his story of innocence. [Aug 2014]

 The blue spider-web hologram springs to life, surrounding Owen’s head with a neural net. It’s the final piece in the technology puzzle, the part that allows me access to Owen’s mind, once he relaxes enough to let me in. 

The story was also released in a separate e-book.
by Samuel Peralta
First publication: Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel, 22 May 2014
Caitlyn, a military nurse, instantly falls in love with a time traveler who must then disappear. The next time they meet, he dies in her arms, and each subsequent time follows a Fibonacci sequence in the number of years of separation. [Aug 2014]

 You know how some satellites stay in the same place in orbit, where the gravity of the earth and moon balance each other? 

Audi A8 Commercial
First aired: 24 Jun 2014

 You’re me, right? 

“How Do I Get to Last Summer from Here?”
by M. Bennardo
First publication: Asimov’s Science Fiction, July 2014
This story has a method of time travel that’s remniscent of that in Janet’s favorite time travel novel, Time and Again by Jack Finney, but it’s also tied in with the time in your life that you most long for. [May 2014]

 You can’t go back there, no matter how much you pay. 

“The LevoGyre”
by Wendy Wheeler
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 8 Jul 2014

The narrator of the story is the test subject for an experiment in gravitational time dilation that instead causes time travel and reveals the meaning of everything. [Aug 2014]

 Then my theories are correct. The mind is the eternal constant. 

“1:40 AM”
by Eliza Victoria
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 8 Aug 2014

Peter, a worker at the science institute, is stuck babysitting “John” in the middle of the night when a gunman enters and a time loop ensues. [Aug 2014]

 Is there something in your past that you want to change? An action you want to reverse? A death you want to prevent? 

“Futures Market”
by Mitchell Edgeworth
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 21 Aug 2014

A man travels back in time with stock tips for himself every ten years. [Aug 2014]

 You’re going to buy stocks in these companies. Biogen. Kansas City Southern. Middleby Corp... 

NY Daily News, 23 Nov 1963
“Changing the Past”
by Barton Paul Levenson
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 27 Aug 2014

A traveler from the 29th century returns to 11/22/63 to change the course of Lee Oswald’s actions. [Aug 2014]

 You know what happened on November 22nd, 1963, and the results. 

Cattail hearts from prairieinfusions.com
“Cattail Hearts”
by Kate Heartfield
First publication: Daily Science Fiction, 29 Aug 2014

After spending five years in the late 19th century at the Indian Industrial School for Native American children who were taken from their families, a young girl’s teacher tells her about her future in Manitoba. As with so many stories of grandfather paradoxes, it deals with only half the paradox that it brings up, although I did like the twist. [Aug 2014]

 If someone peeled all of me away bit by bit, what would be left would be you. 

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