The Big List of Time Travel Adventures

 Series: Dino Mating Stories
 from antiquity to 2017

 Dino-Mating #1
“Not with a Bang”
by Rosemary Claire Smith
First publication: Analog, Jul/Aug 2013

Marty Zuber, a lovesick time-ship pilot and bodyguard on Dr. Derek Dill’s trip to the late Cretaceous, is sulky because the girl he’s dating keeps making eyes at Dill in the t-mail messages.

Later stories in the series continue the love triangle.

 Can you comment on the rumors that youre secretely planning on launching missiles to knock the comet off course and save the dinosaurs? 

  Dino-Mating #2
“Dino Mate”
by Rosemary Claire Smith
First publication: Analog, Dec 2014

The love triange between Marty Zuber, his arch-nemesis Dr. Derek Dill, and Julianna Carlson continues as they study the mating habits of the kentrosarus in the Jurrasic.

 “What do we want?&rdauo;
“The present!”
“When do we want it?”

The story also appeared in this 2016 anthology.  Dino-Mating #3
“Diamond Jim and the Dinosaurs”
by Rosemary Claire Smith
First publication: Analog, Apr 2016

Now a wildlife biologist, Dr. Marty Zuber and his girlfriend Julianna Carson head to the Mesozoic to try to head off the commercial ambitions of Marty's arch-nemesis, the always nefarious Dr. Derek Dill.

 What should you do if a mosasaur comes up out of the sewer and into your bathroom? 


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