The Big List of Time Travel Adventures

 Series: Martin and Artie
 from antiquity to 2017

 Martin and Artie’s Timeline Restoration #1
“Paris, 1835”
by Bill Johnson

Decade by decade, Martin and his AI, Artie (introduced in the second story of the series), work to restore their home timeline, continuously hoping that some other damnfool time traveler won’t come along and mess things up again.

In this first story, Martin (sans Artie) and a countess from a different timeline butt heads over whose timeline they should try to recreate.

 I was in the way back. Far, far back. I skipped downtime and uptime, back to my past and then up to my home, and everything worked find. Then one day, in the far back, I tried to go home. 

  Martin and Artie’s Timeline Restoration #2
“When the Stone Eagle Flies”
by Bill Johnson

The Stone Eagle is both a sign and a meeting place for the myriad of odd ones from the future and the past, including Martin and his embedded AI, Artie. In this second adventure, they're back in ancient Mesopotamia, still trying to restore Martin's timeline.

 “The odd ones from the future and the past,” she said, matter-of-factly. “The ones who taught us that the past and future are not one simple path but more like a basket full of loose threads. And all these threads are strung together with different starting points and different events, like knots, along the threads.” 

  Martin and Artie’s Timeline Restoration #3
“Whending My Way Back Home”
by Bill Johnson

Martin and his AI, Artie, are in ancient Carthage, a few centuries after their second escapade. Seems like they're making progress toward their future timeline, but looks can be deceiving.

 Perfection, of any kind, was an error. 

  Martin and Artie’s Timeline Restoration #4
“Hybrid Blue, by Firelight”
by Bill Johnson

It seems that each successive story takes the time traveler and his AI further in time from their goal. This episode, rife with Neanderthals and Denisovans, starts off in 42,967 BCE.

 What do you get when a Neanderthal, a Denisovan, and a Red Deer Cave sit down around a table together? 


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