The Big List of Time Travel Adventures

 Series: Spider Webb
 from antiquity to 2017

 Spider Webb #1
Time Machines Repaired While You Wait
by K.A. Bedford
First publication: Aug 2008

In the first half of the twenty-first century, time machine repairman Spider Webb meets a ready-to-blow time machine with a dead body inside, so naturally he isolates it in the Bat Cave—i.e., a little walled-off universe where nothing can affect the real universe. I wonder how that worked out.

 Thats why we need the Bat Cave. We put the unit in there, and we stand outside, teleporting various tools, and if the thing does explode, nobody gets hurt. 

  Spider Webb #2
Paradox Resolution
by K.A. Bedford
First publication: 29 Mar 2012

Time machine repairman and ex-cop Spider Webb has another case of a time machine gone astray: This time it’s his boss’s souped-up time machine that’s been stolen, and of course it must not fall into the wrong hands.

 Now Spiders new boss, Mr. J.K. Patel, wanted him to figure out how to bring in more business by offering a paradox resolution service as well. 


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