The Big List of Time Travel Adventures

 Series: Tales of Magic
 from antiquity to 2017

 Tales of Magic #1
Half Magic
by Edward Eager
First publication: Jun 1954

In the first of the seven books, siblings Jane, Katharine, Mark and Martha find a magic wishing coin in the 1920s. But as wishes wont to be in stories, the wishes don’t work out as planned. This particular magic coin is only half-magic, granting only half of every wish (including time travel wishes), and leaving the children with the amusing challenge of finishing up the other half of the wish on their own. Sometimes it works out when they wish for twice what they want. Other times, not so much.

 Dont you see? She wished she were home and ended up halfway home! I wished thered be a fire and got a little fire! A childs-size fire! Martha wished Carrie could talk and she can half talk! 

  Tales of Magic #2
Knight’s Castle
by Edward Eager
First publication: Feb 1956

The children of the first book are now grown up, but Martha and her husband have children of their own, Roger and Ann, who spend a summer with their cousins Jane and Mark (sprung from Katharine). It was that summer that the oldest of Roger’s toy soldiers came to life and took them all to the age of Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, chivalry, and knights.

 It happened just the other day, to a boy named Roger.
Most of it happened to his sister Ann, too, but she was a girl and didn

t count, or at least that

s what Roger thought, or at least he thought that in the beginning.
Part of it happened to his cousins Jack and Eliza, too, but they didn

t come into it till later.

  Tales of Magic #3
Magic by the Lake
by Edward Eager
First publication: Apr 1957

Three weeks after their adventures in the first book, Katharine, Mark, Jane, and Martha talk to an ill-temperedturtle who explains how the magic of the lake can take them on an adventure to the time of Ali Baba. Oddly enough, at one point the gang must be rescued by another group of time-traveling children (who will be familiar to the readers of the second book).

 “Dont go saying I did it!” said the turtle. “Dont come complaining to me! People who go around making wishes without looking to see what magic beings are listening can just take the consequences!”
“Oh, were not complaining,” said Katharine quickly. “We think its awfully nice of you. Were grateful. Youve been very obliging. Thank you very much.”
“Humph!” said the turtle.
“Magics just about all we needed to make things just about perfect,” said Jane.
“Ha!” said the turtle. “Thats what you think. And a lot you know about it! But of course you couldnt be sensible, could you, and order magic by the pound, for instance, or by the day? Or by threes, the good old-fashioned way? Or even by halves, the way you did before?”

  Tales of Magic #4
The Time Garden
by Edward Eager
First publication: Mar 1958

Janet found this one for me, and it was the first of the series that I read. The story returns to Roger, Ann, Jane, and Mark from the second book. This time, a grumpy garden toad tells them of the magical powers of thyme. The magic takes the quartet back to the American Revolution, the time of American slavery, and an encounter with their own mothers and uncles (which we’ve already seen from the older generation’s point of view in the third book). There’s also a cameo by the children from E. Nesbit’s The Phoenix and the Carpet.

 Because what if it did happen like that, and the young Jane and Mark and Katharine and Martha came back with them to modern times? He could think of two ways it might work out. They might take the place of their grown-up selves, and there wouldnt be any grown-up Jane and Mark and Katharine and Martha any more, and that would be awful. Because nice as the small Martha was, as a parent she just wouldnt do.
Or else there Jane and Mark and Katharine and Martha would be, and there their grown-up selves would be, too, and they might bump right into each other. And that would be like those horror stories where people go walking down long hallways and meet themselves coming in the other direction. And everybody goes mad in the end, and no wonder!

Tales of Magic #5: Magic or Not? by Edward Eager, Feb 1959 [no time travel ]

Tales of Magic #6: The Well-Wishers by Edward Eager, Mar 1960 [no time travel ]

  Tales of Magic #7
Seven-Day Magic
by Edward Eager
First publication: Oct 1962

After two books with no time travel and possibly no magic, the series’ final book returns to both realms with the immediate appearance a magical book that brings forth dragons and 19th century Little House on the Prairie. Admitedly, it‘'s not clear whether any of the locales of the past are more than places out of fiction for Barnaby, John, Susan, Abbie, and Fredericka—but never mind.

 “I knew it was a book!” whispered Susan excitedly. “Its the girl in the Half Magic picture! Its the little girl in the last chapter who finds the charm after Jane and Mark and Katharine and Martha pass it on!” 


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