The Big List of Time Travel Adventures

 Series: Time Traders
 from antiquity to 2017

 Time Traders #1
The Time Traders
by Andre Norton
First publication: Sep 1958

Young Ross Murdock, on the streets and getting by with petty crime and quick feet, gets nabbed and sent to a secret project near the north pole—the first of many secret projects for the Time Traders series.

 So they have not briefed you? Well, a run is a little jaunt back into history—not nice comfortable history such as you learned out of a book when you were a little kid. No, you are dropped back into some savage time before history— 

Andre Norton, Master Traveller

Among her many other creative contributions to the field, Andre Norton conceived of the first series of novels that lay primarily in the subgenre of time traveling.

  Time Traders #2
Galactic Derelict
by Andre Norton
First publication: Aug 1959

Ross Murdock (from the first book) is now recruiting others to the organization, including cattle farmer amatuer local archaeologist Travis Fox. The two of them along with archaeologist Gordon Ashe travel back to the time of mammoths to seek out the spaceship of the guys who brought time travel to Earth in the first place.

 So, youre a part of this now, whether or no. We cant afford to let you go, the situation is too critical. So—youll be offered a chance to enlist. 

Time Traders #3: The Defiant Agents by Andre Norton, Feb 1962 [no time travel ]

  Time Traders #4
Key Out of Time
by Andre Norton
First publication: Mar 1963

Ross Murdock and Gordon Ashe take a team of telepathic dolphins and their Polynesian friend back in time to a water planet whose past may hold the key to the murderous time travelers who visited Earth long ago.

 Do you mean, have we changed the future? Who can answer that? 

  Time Traders #5
by Andre Norton and P.M. Griffin
First publication: Jun 1994

So how do you battle a powerful, time-traveling alien race who visited Earth in the far distant past? Ross Murdoch has the right idea: You go back in time yourself to set up a resistance in the Dominion of Virgin civilazation, which was wiped out by the murderous, bald aliens. And you get yourself a love interest.

 . . . she kissed him joyfully. 

  Time Traders #6
Echos in Time
by Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith
First publication: Nov 1999

In a new spirit of detente, Murdock and his new wife Eveleen Riordan join with the Russians to track down a group of missing scientists on a planet in the past.

 Moments later the ground seemed to shake slightly: an illusion, Ross knew, a response of the mind to the distorted probability waves sweeping out from the apparatus as it catapulted the two agents into the distant past. 

  Time Traders #7
Atlantis Endgame
by Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith
First publication: SFBC Time Traders III, Nov 2002

When one of Eveleen Riordan’s earrings is found on the island that once was Atlantis, she and her hubby Ross Murdock (plus Gordon Ashe, a few Russians, and a new agent or two) must investigate—and of course, clash with the Baldies.

 I put the variables together, wondering if you might be part of the equation, and last winter when I uncovered that earring in a place that had been sealed under volcanic ash since 1628 B.C. and saw that modern jewelers mark, I decided that maybe it was time to try again to dig you up. 


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